All children learn their native language naturally. Why isn't this the case with learning a musical instrument? It is based on this idea that Shinichi Suzuki created such a revolutionary method of learning to play an instrument.

A child does not learn to read before learning to talk

so there is no need for them to know how to read a music score before they begin to play. The ability to play without a music score allows the student to be better at listening to himself, at controlling his instrument, and his position without his attention being entirely devoted to reading the notes.

The educational trio of child-teacher-parent is indispensable

the presence of one of the parents during the lesson will enable him to be able to guide his child during practice at home.

A child learns to listen while listening to his entourage

it is for this reason that it is important before starting to a play a piece that he already knows something about it. Listening regularly to CDs is therefore essential.

In addition to the individual weekly classes

the students regularly attend group classes which offer them additional motivation and develops a healthy competitiveness within themselves. The need to play with others makes it necessary to listen to one's own playing and that of the other children.

The parents and the teacher encourage the students

in all the steps they undertake with their instrument, while at the same time positively correcting them, as is normally done with a child who is learning to talk and pronounce words for the first time.